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Business Law in Orlando, FL

Business law, also referred to as commercial law, is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and behavior of persons and organizations engaged in trade, promotion, sales and commerce in general. It requires a working knowledge of both statutory law, administrative regulation and judicial interpretation, all areas where James C. Brock, Attorney at Law, in Orlando, FL can be of great assistance.

Mr. Brock, a healthcare attorney in Orlando, Florida, has had many of years of Business and Business Law experience in the course of serving in various executive Legal & Business Affairs positions at the highest levels of the entertainment industry at CBS, ABC Sports, NBC, Universal Television, and Warner Bros. Television.  After returning to his home state of Florida, he has owned his own commercial business and also served as General Counsel for a company that operated mental health facilities in multiple states.

Success in business requires not only imagination, risk and perseverance; it also requires a support team of experts in various fields.  Mr. Brock has a rich background in business and legal matters that could be of vital importance to you in reducing your exposure the risk of costly mistakes that could be the difference between success or failure for your business.  Mr. Brock is dedicated to helping small businesses develop effective support teams that will be “cost effective” as well.  Call James C. Brock, Attorney-At-Law for a free consultation. He will be happy to discuss how he can best assist you in avoiding potential legal “pitfalls” that could lead to costly litigation, fines, or worse. 

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