Seven years of experience as a healthcare attorney in his capacity as general counsel for a multi-hospital mental health group has provided Mr. Brock with extensive experience in the healthcare field. His practice would be particularly well-suited to those seeking a responsive healthcare lawyer to advise and represent individual and group practices as well as small to mid-size healthcare facilities.


At an earlier stage in his career, Mr. Brock spent twenty-eight years at the highest professional levels of the entertainment industry as a contract attorney and business affairs executive. In that capacity, he focused almost exclusively on contract law, negotiations, interpretation and  drafting.  Mr. Brock learned early in his career that an attorney's job is to work with his clients to find legal, workable solutions - not obstacles - to their business plans. Call or contact Mr. Brock if your business or personal needs require a contract lawyer who has had an extensive background in the most competitive business and legal environments.


For most of us, other than a natural concern for the health and welfare of our own families, nothing is more important than protecting the health and welfare of our own businesses. Unfortunately, many business owners and managers wait to look for a advice from a business attorney after problems arise or, in the worst case, when they are facing the prospect of costly litigation that could otherwise have been avoided by the early involvement of a business attorney.  Mr.  Brock believes that his role as a business lawyer is to be fully accessible and to provide cost effective legal advice before problems arise.  However, if and when difficult legal issues do arise, he will be there to provide you with personal and experienced legal advice and assistance in helping you find the best solution for your business under even the most difficult circumstances.



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